Bloody Mindedness And The Laws Of Physics…

Almost there, though she’s yet to tell me her tale, shy or tight-lipped? Mmmm who’s to say!
But how she loves to flounce!!!!

Forever the Engineer’s daughter… with that big round head and spindly feet, I tinkered and toiled to make sure this fellow could stand. The laws of physics certainly tried my patience!

I love the creatures that peek through the cracks in the universe at me and I desperately yearn to squeeze through and join them. Reading W.B. Yeats’ The Stolen Child made it all the worse but inspired me and I decided to try my hand at a human doll. Well, human-ish, she has the eyes of a Jay. Why? All will be revealed in time…
She’s a long time in the making, with tantrums thrown in I’m ashamed to say!! On her third body right now and hopefully symmetrical!!
“I didn’t do it, honest”
Laid to rest… Hee hee, something gleefully morbid about that!
Another disembodied darkling of the woods.

Dolly Daydreams And Hermitude

At times I find it tricky to keep up with my blog, I’ve never been a diary keeper or thoughtful ponderer, more a scribbler of pictures and collector of natures bric-a-brac. My thoughts are often unstructured and tricky little glimmers and shadows, gone as quickly as they appear!

The change of season from winter into spring left me sitting in an introverted mood for some time, which is forever a blessing when it comes to inspiration and getting busy with things of a creative nature. I’ve been reading, pottering, collecting, seeking, sketching, sculpting and daydreaming and thoroughly enjoying every exciting moment of it.

A bureau-full of findlings and fish eyes.

Mathilda and Eduardo have their feet done, while new folk emerge…