A Tale Of Sorts…


Melanie Ashton was born of the rain and the cold, damp earth of Northern England. She is a self-taught doll maker, author, illustrator and photographer, a wanderling, a dreamer, a collector of bones, a lover of rust and dusty sequins and a delighter in twisted humour and unfortunate tales. When she’s not in her studio you can usually find her scouring the hedgerows and forest floor for treasures of  snail shells, moss, skulls, feathers and rusty bits of this and that.

Her path has been a varied one, between its twists and turns and the meanderings of a restless soul she has  been carried country to country through moor, forest and city, each experience has left an impression upon her work. Tangled threads of dream and memory are woven, cocoon like around her and there in her solitude Melanie embraces them and coaxes them to emerge.

Her body of  work is inspired by worlds glimpsed but rarely ‘seen’, by death and transformation, the wild woods and the lonely moors, sorcery and myth. It mourns the forgetting of the wild within and the ever decreasing wilds of nature but yet, there is still maintained within its delicate feral quality, a tentative optimism for wild’s return.

Perhaps, one still night you will follow gossamer threads of your own. Follow them to the dark, quiet places beyond the twilight. The place where the moon is a pale sliver and to it the wind whispers it’s tales.

Copyright © Melanie Ashton 2009 – 2016. All rights reserved.